Traveling for work.

Traveling for work has become the norm for a lot of people in this new day and age. We have to do whatever it takes for our families and means of survival. We all understand that the best thing that we can do is travel for work sometimes so we can open new doors and create a better future for our families. The need to travel is explained by all business people alike. They all know one thing for sure. ‘There is gold in them hills’ travel westward young man to claim your stake. My friend Curtis. The owner of overhead door okc says that if they get the opportunity to travel to an area that has been freshly damaged by hail or inclement weather that they are there. He states, ” you only have one life to live so you better make it a great one.” Travel and see all there is to see. Even if it is for work. make the best of the situation and hand. All is fair and game in the business world and you are the key holders to your future. “Watch out for slippery slopes though. Business on the road can be a real bitch too” Explain Curtis. He said they have been setup and ready to go and then the town they are in puts a 45-day hold on work permits to do any kind of repair or remodel work in the area. Which in a bad deal when you are paying for your crew’s hotel and wages. It’s not often that happens but it does. What’s better though than being able to open up new opportunities for you and your team when you have the ability to move to where the money is. Go where there are growth and prosperity. There is nothing to lose and all to gain. Be adventurous. be a traveling CEO.


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