Turks and Caicos World’s Best Islands

The Turk and Caicos Island are named after the ancient terms Turk’s cap cactus and Lucayan tern Caya hico meaning String of island. These islands are basically known for Tourism and for Offshore Financial Centre.  In 2012 the estimated resident population was 31,458 out of which 23,769 live on Provincials in the Caicos Island.

Initially, these Islands were inhabited by Taino and Lucayan Tribes. Before the Arrival of Christopher Columbus, the people on the Island were skilled gardener, farmers, and fishermen, who eventually disappeared. A few decades back most of the Caribbean who knew it all could not locate these Islands on worlds map but now it is totally opposite. Grab some SPF and shades we will take you around the World most beautiful and best Island known as Turks & Caicos.

It comprises of 40 different Island and cays out of which only 8 are populated. Due to third largest coral reef system on Earth, the beaches on these Islands are pristinely beautiful. A reef surrounds Turk & Caicos, guarding the beaches on these Islands from ocean surges and keeping the coastal blue, calm and clear. The island is furnished with a variety of different places to stay as per your mood and budget.  One can stay at the resort, condo, suite or a private villa whatever that suits your taste and style. In all these places you are equipped with the finest dining experiences. There are total 81 different restaurants on these islands most of which are located on Providenciales. The most famous drink out there is Rum Punch.

A work permit is easily available for foreigners. The processing of these permit takes some time. Most of the jobs on the islands for locals though. The islands are Well-found with the modern hospital which is managed by Inter Health Canada. The locals are humble and friendly people and believe and practicing good ethics. They usually greet people in a friendly tone by saying the good morning of afternoon. It is advised to wear shorts in the town and on beaches in the daytime with glasses and hat, as it is quite sunny.

The Islands are also a treat for those who love nightlife. There are Discos, Nightclubs, and casinos on the Islands. Festivals are held on the Islands throughout the year and a weekly fish fry is held but on Providenciales.

So what I will reckon you is next time you plan a holiday book a flight and visit Turks and Caicos the world’s best Islands.

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