Travelers from all around the world flock the Caribbean to experience the soft white sand and the warm blue waters. Looking at Thailand, on the other hand, you realize there much similarity with the Caribbean. In fact, the peak seasons for these two destinations nearly overlap. Both have warm blue waters, soft white sand and Monet-worthy sunsets.

The difference between these two destinations only comes in their location and language. Thailand is usually more exotic and less costly while the Caribbean is closer to American travelers and usually more friendly when it comes to the English language. Most of the people who visit the Caribbean use Giant, cruise ships and it’s usually and exciting experience in itself. On the contrary, the transportation in Thailand mainly involves riding on narrow long-tail boats.

When should you Visit?

The peak season for both destinations usually runs between December and March. This is the time when most parts of Europe and North America are shivering. The weather in the Caribbean and Thailand is normally moderate and dry during this time. If you want to enjoy low prices in the Caribbean, consider traveling in late April. However, note that the hurricane season is just around the corner as it starts in early June and ends in November. In Thailand, visiting between June and October won’t be a good idea due to the unimaginable humidity levels and continuous rain. Plan to visit in the months of April and May as it is warmer and the prices are lower.

So, which one between the Caribbean and Thailand offers more options for secluded beaches? Well, you’ll find secluded beaches in some of the Caribbean Islands including Los Roques (Venezuela), St. Martin, and Isla de Providencia in Colombia. However, Thailand has more. You might want to spend some time on Koh Kood, which is one of “Thailand’s last unspoiled islands” according to the Guardian.  The island is located in the Gulf of Thailand. The Travel Channel one time referred to the Koh Lao Liang island, located on the Andaman side, as one of Thailand’s “best-kept secrets.” These are just some of the secluded islands in Thailand.

When it comes to party spots, the Caribbean seems to take the lead. Travelers can always have parties on the beach on islands such as Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, St. Martin, Aruba, the Jamaican town of Negril and Trinidad. Despite the fact that you’ll find fewer party beaches in Thailand, Koh Phangan island has one of the wildest beaches you can find all over the world. The Haad Rin beach is considered the world’s biggest beach party.

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For many years, travelers chose the Caribbean and the Costa Rica next door as a preferred destination rather than Nicaragua. Probably this was because no one had really seen the undeniable natural beauty of Nicaragua. This destination is one of the best as it offers the best seafood in the world and features beautiful lakes and beaches. You better find out for yourself. From the jungle terrain to the volcanoes, this land has more to offer.

Those who have been to Nicaragua describe it as the land of volcanoes and lakes of undeniable natural beauty. In fact, it’s one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in Central America. Some of the things you’ll experience here include lush nature, very friendly locals, beautiful colonial cities, gorgeous beaches, great wildlife, interesting culture and art and volcanoes. The most exciting thing is the convenient exchange rate as well as cheap prices. Here are some of the incredible things you must see and do in this beautiful country.

Explore Granada

Founded in the sixteenth century, Granada features red domed churches, pastel colored buildings and cobblestone streets which you must explore. Most travelers prefer using this city as their home while exploring other parts of the country. If you’re a chocoholic, you can’t miss visiting the chocolate museum in the Mansion de Chocolate hotel. Here, you’ll learn more on how the roasting, grinding, and molding is done. If you have kids, you can be sure they’ll love it.

For travelers interested in Cigars, there’s the Dona Elba Cigars, where one can see and learn how the rolling is done. You can always pick a few for yourself. Other activities you can do in this city include hiking, horseback riding, hot springs and canopy tours.

Visit the Turtles

If you’ve never seen sea turtles lay their eggs, Nicaragua is the place to be. The country has several beaches where sea turtles arrive a couple of times every year to lay eggs. It’s one of the few countries around the world where you can see for yourself sea turtles lay eggs. The two beaches to experience this happening are Chacocente and La Flor.

Hiking Mombacho Volcano

The Mombacho Volcano has located about ten kilometers away from Grenada. If your home base is in Grenada, it should take you less than an hour to reach this moody volcanic mountain. The volcano is about 1,344 meters into the clouds. Once you’re at the top you can experience the bubbling thermal activity below the vines and orchids. You’ll also enjoy the fascinating views over Grenada.

You can’t leave Nicaragua before experiencing Miraflor National Park, a unique national reserve with more than 200 species of orchids. The park also houses about nine different communities and features a wide range of plant and animal species.

Close to the border of Costa Rica is a fishing village known as San Juan del Sur. Here, you’ll have time to see a towering figure of Christ and enjoy a sandy beach.

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